Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alternative Right Are Dicks

Alternative Right reports: the Amish are apologizing for the Holocaust. The reader is expected to instinctively respond, "Jewish power knows no bounds!" Some excerpts from the comment section/echo chamber:
When Jews apologize to the Ukrainian people for the premier role of Jews in perpetrating the Holodomor, the genocidal murder of over 8,000,000 Christian souls, and later suppressing information of it, will Jews at last qualify a righteous people?

One thing is certain here - if anyone still had doubts whatever as to just how widespread and deep the Jewish guilt-tripping re. the holy "Holocaust" really runs, the fact that even the freakin' Amish feel the need to prostrate themselves in front of modern Hebrews, in Israel no less, over the affair, should pretty much remove all doubt - period!!

The best part of apologizing to the jews is that it is the apology that you have to keep on giving. Instead of them having any gratitude to the Amish the focus will forever be on what they are owed, and owed, and owed, and owed....

Classic tropes: changing the subject (but what about X other genocide?), collective guilt (why don't Jews apologize for what a bunch of Judaism-reputing communists did?), spiteful capitalization ("jews" not Jews)...

I used to read the Alternative Right site, because I share certain anti-establishment but reactionary leanings. However, I grew tired of such inchoate dickishness. My idea of conservatism is to conserve the finest features of human civilization, among them decorum and dignity (from a gentlemanly, not human rights, perspective). As such, little of mainstream conservatism appeals to me, and even less so the Jew-baiting of ressentiment-filled basement-dwellers of assorted German and Slavic descent. (Anglo-Saxons tend to know better.)

Richard Spencer's blog post argues nothing. It simply rings a bell for the Pavlovian dogs to bark. I will not waste my time with a counter-argument. I only note that anti-Semitism is a dead horse for a modern/Western mass movement to beat. A neo-nationalist right has a chance if it repudiates the reason most people look askance upon it (association with a genocidal ideology), like the Labour party in Britain repudiated its association with international socialism.

I will end with the consummate quote from the Comments section:
Pathetic idiots! Holohoax lies! If 6 million of those two-faced, treasonous, traitorous socio-parasites actually DID die like the jews say they did, then we would be CELEBRATING IT instead of DENYING IT!

That's the nub of it. Most people accept historical evidence (the Holocaust happened) and are not total dicks (think killing babies is bad, even if those babies are future Jews). They may accept many of the alternative right's other arguments, but even to be associated with people who use words like "Holohoax" and "Jew-lywood" (I'm serious, someone used it!) will drive them away, as it drove me away. Good luck in the gutter, Alternative Right.

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  1. I swear if I see one more person bring up the Holodomor in response to the Holocaust I am going lose it.