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I haven't posted here in some time. Nonetheless, I continue to read up and think on issues I've discussed in this blog. I'd hate to leave my work here as a virtual corpse, but I also am uncertain as to the efficacy of continuing in this format.

What I would like to know is if there are people out there interested in collaboration, either under the State of Exile label or another. My interest is in people with unique, even conflicting takes on Jewishness broadly defined (political, religious, racial, cultural, philosophical) and related issues (nationalism, the Middle East, traditionalism, multiculturalism, tribalism), that transcend the tired mainstream discourse.

The scope of this venture would be neither right nor left, and beholden to no dogma (including the dogma of political correctness). Drop me a line if interested.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Pronouncements of the Exilarch

Here at State of Exile, we acknowledge Naim Dangoor, British-Iraqi-Jewish real estate tycoon and self-declared Exilarch of the Babylonian Jews, to be Exilarch of all Jews. Here are some of his more noteworthy pronouncements, as made in his journal, The Scribe.

On Adam:
It is time to rehabilitate Adam and honour him not only as the father of our agricultural civilisation but also as the founder of Monotheism.

On Buddhism:
Buddhism is not a religion, but a philosophy. That and other cults, which have no contact with Jehovah, are man-made fairy tales.

On the Creation:
Modern science has confirmed the inspired knowledge of our ancestors regarding the origin of the Universe and its creation out of nothing which started with the Big Bang. Encouraged by this information, even serious Bible scholars are trying to find scientific proof in every word of the Bible which is overdoing it.

On Cyrus:
It is interesting to observe here that in 1971 Iran celebrated the 2500th anniversary, a Jubilee of Jubilees, of Cyrus’s Empire. As Israel was not going to be represented I offered to the Iranian Embassy to lead a delegation of Iraqi Jews to Persepolis to pay homage to the memory of Cyrus and his enlightened and tolerant rule. Teheran found it difficult to arrange this at short notice and we were invited instead to the reception at the Savoy Hotel which was attended by the Diplomatic Corps and other distinguished guests including members of the government, when I and twenty members of the community delivered to the Ambassador an illuminated scroll to commemorate the occasion. The Shah later expressed his appreciation and thanks.

On the Death of God:
We know now, of course, that the Universe is self-sustaining and does not need anyone to direct its movements. In fact, any outside interference would be disastrous. There is no need, therefore, for G-d to take any part in the running of his Creation. Thus, if G-d created the Universe but is no longer there, when did He pass away? Surely, G-d who created time could not have disappeared at a moment in time. G-d could only have disappeared with the Big Bang. It was the simultaneous moment of G-d's demise and the Creation of the Universe. In other words, the Universe is G-d's wonderful memorial.

On the Diaspora:
At the inauguration of the Commonwealth Jewish Council last year, Francis Pym who was Foreign Minister remarked in his speech that it was no longer true to say that the sun never sets on the British Empire. But that it is true to say that the sun never sets on the Jewish Diaspora. The Diaspora can be looked upon as Israel’s Empire. There is no need for Israel to swallow up the communities of the Diaspora one after another. In the absence of a Mashiyah, Diaspora Jews want by and large to stay put.

On the Dome of the Rock:
When the Moslems conquered Jerusalem they offered the site of the Temple to be re-built by the Jews, who refused to take it. Then the Moslem conquerors waited fifty years - the Jubilee period of the Bible, after which land reverts to the authority Of the State. It was then that the Dome of the Rock was built by King Abdul Malik; that is the re-built Temple of King Solomon, which should now be open to Moslems, Jews and Christians and to all others who acknowledge the One True God.

It is now for the Muslims to make the next move. Their leaders should declare that the Dome Of The Rock is the historic temple to the One True God, and invite the Jews and the Christians as well as all other believers to participate there in a combined act of worship.

On Eden:
Where was the Garden of Eden - Gannat Adam, in Arabic? In Aden, of course, in southern Arabia. Adam spoke a version of ancient Arabic, and is reputed to be buried in Hejaz.

On European Culture:
After Auschwitz All European Culture is Trash

On Idols:
The move by Afghanistan’s religious leaders to destroy the idols of Buddhism is to be applauded. They offend the followers of monotheism, worshippers of the one true God, Creator and Sustainer of our universe, especially Jews and Moslems.

On Man's Destiny:
Israel means "one who struggles with the momentum of nature. Islam means to submit to the momentum of nature. Our destiny is to become Gods.

On Mauritania:
If Jerusalem is expendable, then what is left to keep us there, a troublesome corner of the world for the past 3,000 years? In an overall peace deal with all the Arabs, we might be able to swap Israel for Mauritania, a more strategic and more convenient location, forty times the size of Israel and very sparsely populated, next to a friendly Morocco. Soon the Jews would make the desert bloom, and I for one will hasten to go there. Would the Palestinians have second thoughts and beg us to stay?

On the Middle East:
The tradition and personality of Abraham can be used as a basis to forge a democratic federation of the Fertile Crescent comprising Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan - all Abraham’s country in which still live a score of different nationalities. Of these only the Arabs would oppose and frustrate such a union, in order that they may achieve complete Arabisation.

The ideal capital for such a federation would be at Abu-Kemal, half-way on the Euphrates and near Mari of old in which Abraham once lived. What better name can such a capital have than that of Abraham?

On Monotheism:
I would encourage new branches in Monotheism. The movement can then expand into the unknown areas and bring the whole of mankind within the belief in the One True God. Jews started it and Jews should take it forward. Judaism was never meant to convert the world. "We saved ourselves by our endeavours and we hope to save the world by our example".

On National Autonomy
The defeats of 586 BCE and 70 BCE were the outcome of involvement in the struggle between Egypt and Babylon and between Rome and Persia. Today, Israel’s dependence on American Jewry which, in every way, is the modern counterpart of the Babylonian Diaspora could embroil the Jewish State in America’s problems.

On Racism:
Racism is terrorism. The proper way to deal with it is by counter-terrorism.

On Resurrection:
Science has now demonstrated that each individual has a specific number consisting of millions of digits. A milestone has recently been achieved, considered to be the most important of all time in discovering and tabulating the complete human genom. From this it follows that eventually a dead person may be recreated from the DNA taken from his bones. Isn't that fulfilment of G-d's promise of the future revival of the dead?

On Wheat:
The aphrodisiac quality of wild wheat promoted Adam’s eating of the Forbidden Fruit being associated with the dawn of sexual awareness.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sephardim: The Proletariat of the Jewish Race

The War Nerd makes an underappreciated point in his article about the Israelis who fired on Palestinian marching into the Golan Heights:
For every squeamish Euro descendant of socialist kibbutzim in those ranks, I’d bet there are ten Sephardim or Falasha with lots of juicy family stories about what it was like living in Muslim countries who’d be willing to empty their magazines into the crowd coming down the hill.

To wit, the Sephardim are the more right-wing, conservative sub-race of Jews. In North America there are relatively few Sephardim, so Jews get fairly stereotyped as bourgeois liberals. But in Israel, Sephardim comprise at least half the Jewish population, so the country tilts to the right. Interestingly, Benjamin Netanyahu (though himself Ashkenazi) dismissed the Israeli "tent city" protestors as "Ashkenazi leftists eating sushi and smoking nargilas." Clearly then, Ashkenazi functions in Israel as Jewish does in certain North American circles: as a signifier for effete liberalism.

The major exceptions to the Ashkenazi liberal rule are the Orthodox and the Russian Jews. The Orthodox are clearly conservative for religious reasons. (And almost all Sephardim are at least nominally Orthodox.) The Russian Jews appear to have imbibed from Russian culture a general enthusiasm for strongmen (witness the popularity of Avigdor Lieberman among Russian Jews in Israel) that translates into right-wing populism. Yet Orthodox and Russian Jews (and Jews who descend from 19th century Yiddish-speaking "Russian" Jews, like myself, don't count here) remain a minority of the North American Jewish population.

Frankly I wish there was a greater percentage of "Eastern" Jews in North America. They'd make a proletarian counterweight to the excessive bourgeois affectations of Ashkenazim. We have too many lawyers and not enough soldiers. I also want to date a Sephardi girl, because it's the closest I can get to dating out of my race while still dating within my race.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Afro-Semitic Experience

So Jews are a teensy bit African:
Reich’s team analyzed more than half a million DNA markers across the entire genomes of people from seven diverse Jewish populations — including Ashkenazim from northern Europe; Sephardim from Italy, Turkey and Greece, and Mizrahim from Syria, Iraq and Iran. They then compared the genetic data with DNA from 15 sub-Saharan African populations.

Reporting in the April issue of PLoS Genetics, the researchers found that modern day Jews can attribute about 3% to 5% of their ancestry to sub-Saharan Africans, and that the exchange of genes between Jews and sub-Saharan Africans occurred approximately 72 generations, or about 2,000 years, ago.

Surely this gives Israel the right to a small (3% to 5%) slice of Africa? The Lemba protectorate?
What is certain is that the Lemba are emphatic about being Jewish. "I love my people," a Lemba woman told Parfitt, "we came from the Israelites, we came from Sena, we crossed the sea . . . We were so beautiful with beautiful long, Jewish noses and so proud of our facial structure. We no way wanted to spoil our structure by carelessness, eating pig or marrying non-Lemba gentiles."

Looking in the mirror, I see only 3% to 5% of my body has traditionally African characteristics, topped off with a traditional Jewish characteristic.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Alternative Right Are Dicks

Alternative Right reports: the Amish are apologizing for the Holocaust. The reader is expected to instinctively respond, "Jewish power knows no bounds!" Some excerpts from the comment section/echo chamber:
When Jews apologize to the Ukrainian people for the premier role of Jews in perpetrating the Holodomor, the genocidal murder of over 8,000,000 Christian souls, and later suppressing information of it, will Jews at last qualify a righteous people?

One thing is certain here - if anyone still had doubts whatever as to just how widespread and deep the Jewish guilt-tripping re. the holy "Holocaust" really runs, the fact that even the freakin' Amish feel the need to prostrate themselves in front of modern Hebrews, in Israel no less, over the affair, should pretty much remove all doubt - period!!

The best part of apologizing to the jews is that it is the apology that you have to keep on giving. Instead of them having any gratitude to the Amish the focus will forever be on what they are owed, and owed, and owed, and owed....

Classic tropes: changing the subject (but what about X other genocide?), collective guilt (why don't Jews apologize for what a bunch of Judaism-reputing communists did?), spiteful capitalization ("jews" not Jews)...

I used to read the Alternative Right site, because I share certain anti-establishment but reactionary leanings. However, I grew tired of such inchoate dickishness. My idea of conservatism is to conserve the finest features of human civilization, among them decorum and dignity (from a gentlemanly, not human rights, perspective). As such, little of mainstream conservatism appeals to me, and even less so the Jew-baiting of ressentiment-filled basement-dwellers of assorted German and Slavic descent. (Anglo-Saxons tend to know better.)

Richard Spencer's blog post argues nothing. It simply rings a bell for the Pavlovian dogs to bark. I will not waste my time with a counter-argument. I only note that anti-Semitism is a dead horse for a modern/Western mass movement to beat. A neo-nationalist right has a chance if it repudiates the reason most people look askance upon it (association with a genocidal ideology), like the Labour party in Britain repudiated its association with international socialism.

I will end with the consummate quote from the Comments section:
Pathetic idiots! Holohoax lies! If 6 million of those two-faced, treasonous, traitorous socio-parasites actually DID die like the jews say they did, then we would be CELEBRATING IT instead of DENYING IT!

That's the nub of it. Most people accept historical evidence (the Holocaust happened) and are not total dicks (think killing babies is bad, even if those babies are future Jews). They may accept many of the alternative right's other arguments, but even to be associated with people who use words like "Holohoax" and "Jew-lywood" (I'm serious, someone used it!) will drive them away, as it drove me away. Good luck in the gutter, Alternative Right.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Swimming Jew

From Salon:
About a month after I had moved to Guiyang, China, to work as an English teacher as part of the Peace Corps, one of my students, Yvette, handed me a letter during my office hours. Its title, announced in bold print along the top of the page, was "GREAT JEW." The letter summarized the status of world Jewry:

Jew in the world:

There are 14 million Jews in the world, 5 million of them are in the Israel, and 6 million in the USA. They have done so many great things for people in the world. They good at jokes, doing business and managing money so that there are a large number of Jewish tycoon in the world. . . . In the Wall Street which is the controlling financial interests of the United States, it is the world of Jews who dominate the "street." Jews deserve careful study though their history is pitiful.

Yvette also included a bullet- point list of facts she had gleaned from her textbooks and from local newspapers:

• Einstein is the greatest scientist in the world

• Every Jew has received high education for their family tradition

• Jews can begin law school in the second year in America, because they are advanced in law

• Phelps, a swimming Jew, will win many gold medals in the Beijing Olympic Games

Yvonne is dead on.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Dance Songs of the Elders of Zion, Track 1

Firewater - The Drunken Jew

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Lost Cause of Alawite Zionism

Very interesting article about Syria fron the New York Review of Books. Point of note, the sectarian ancestors of Syria's rulers (including Assad's father) defending Zionism!
In 1936, six Alawi notables sent a memorandum to Leon Blum, head of France’s Popular Front government, expressing their loyalty to France and their concern at negotiations leading to independence in a parliamentary system dominated by the Sunni majority. The memorandum includes the following points:

• We can sense today how the Muslim citizens of Damascus force the Jews who live among them to sign a document pledging that they will not send provisions to their ill-fated brethren in Palestine. The condition of the Jews in Palestine is the strongest and most explicit evidence of the militancy of the Islamic issue vis-à-vis those who do not belong to Islam. These good Jews contributed to the Arabs with civilization and peace, scattered gold, and established prosperity in Palestine without harming anyone or taking anything by force, yet the Muslims declare holy war against them and never hesitated in slaughtering their women and children, despite the presence of England in Palestine and France in Syria. Therefore a dark fate awaits the Jews and other minorities in case the Mandate is abolished and Muslim Syria is united with Muslim Palestine…the ultimate goal of the Muslim Arabs.

Like the Uncle Tom Mideast Christians, the Alawites ultimately abandoned the Zionist model of ethnic autonomy and threw in their lot with Arab homogeneity. After fifty years of dictatorship, they'll be lucky if they get dhimmitude status.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Jewish-Sikh Mafia to Socially Run the Universe

I was watching "Insights Into Sikhism" on television, and started wondering about the background of the host, the Caucasian Hari Nam Singh Khalsa. Turns out this white Sikh with the long flowing beard is Jewish:
Before he joined the faith, he was a nice Jewish kid from Toronto who loved music and hated to have his hair cut.

When the sixties happened, he was happy to go long-haired.

He says his interest in Sikhism began with learning about the teachings and strengthened when he heard the music played in the temples.

“It just blew my mind.”

And he was intrigued by the notion of a faith that believes in letting hair grow long.

But it was far more than the beautiful tunes and wonderful lion-like manes of hair he saw when older Sikh men took off their turbans.

For a restless young man who’d been on a spiritual quest since he was a small child, there was something about the faith that spoke to him on a deeply personal level.

“This is the religion I want” he thought.

It took years of study.

He learned to read and speak Punjabi to study the scriptures in the original language.

His name was given him by a mentor shortly before he was baptized.

As a result of his studies, Khalsa became known for discussing principles of the faith in clear, simple terms.

That led to a career as an educator about Sikhism, which led to an unexpected career as a television host.

Some people in the community suggested he should do a show, and he’s been on the air for the last nine years.

He admits to a certain discomfort at the attention, noting several times during the interview that his show is about the teachings.

“It’s not about me. It’s about us.”

When a visitor remarks on his modesty, his eyes twinkle.

“It’s Jewish guilt,” he says, grinning.

My take is that from an Eastern perspective, a Jew's dharma, by virtue of being born a Jew, is to be a Jew: just as a Brahmin's dharma is to be a Brahmin. Yet as a monotheistic, text-based, heavily bearded, non-proselytizing, relatively small ethno-religious group with a territorial dimension, Sikhism has much in common with Judaism. Thus the conversion of men like Khalsa is not so unusual. While doing research for this blog post, I found the following comment:
I hope jews and sikhs will run a maffia to socially run the universe.


See also: Sikh-Jewish Coalition, Sikhs visit Israel Gallery

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chinese Judeophilia & The Secrets of Jewish Success

The yellow peril! It is not racial, it is spiritual. It does not involve inferior values; it involves a radical strangeness, a stranger to the weight of its past, from where there does not filter any familiar voice or inflection, a lunar or Martian past.
- Emmanuel Levinas

Levinas may have been overly pessimistic. An article in the Forward affirms Chinese Judeophilia:

According to Song Lihong, deputy director of the Glazer Institute of Jewish Studies at Nanjing University, a glance at the shelves of Jewish-interest books in Chinese bookstores provides a clue as to why Judaism fascinates. Popular titles include “The Talmudic Wisdom in Conducting Business,” “Talmud: The Greatest Jewish Bible for Making Money” and “Unveiling the Secrets of Jewish Success in World Economy: What’s Behind Jewish Excellence?”

While Song acknowledges that the nature of this interest may seem “ominous” to Westerners, he insists that there is nothing sinister about it. Divorced from the Christian context that bred conspiracy theories about Jews in finance and the Muslim context that perpetuated them, it is simply driven by a natural curiosity about a group that appears to play a significant role in world affairs.

In Song’s telling, the curiosity reflects “Judeophilia” rather than “Judeophobia.” As the Chinese nation has embarked on a process of economic and technological advancement, it looks upon Jews, another ancient people that seems to have excelled in this area while maintaining a distinctive identity, as a “model it can employ to modernize itself,” he explained.

Song said that Judaism is perceived by Chinese people as being part of the foundation of Western civilization. As a result, they see Judaism as synonymous with “Western,” and many take the view that to learn about the West, one should become familiar with Judaism.

Indeed, Song observed that Judaism is not just seen as Western, it is seen as the best of the West. In China, he said, many erroneously believe that John Rockefeller and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart were Jewish. “Everything that is successful, smart and rich is regarded as Jewish,” he said.

Jews, by virtue of our outsized historical influence, are always going to fascinate - despite Levinas's warning of "the rise of countless masses of Asiatic and underdeveloped peoples . . . peoples and civilisations who no longer refer to our holy history, for whom Abraham, Isaac and Jacob no longer mean anything." Let's face facts, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are much less historically significant than their theologically insignificant descendants, i.e. Einstein, Rothschild, Montefiore. Such theologically insignificant descendants will always keep Jews alive in the secular mind.

Jews should be writing and promoting books like The Talmudic Wisdom in Conducting Business, Talmud: The Greatest Jewish Bible for Making Money and Unveiling the Secrets of Jewish Success in World Economy: What’s Behind Jewish Excellence? Anti-Semitism is based in large part on the belief that we are hiding our secrets to success, so let's announce them to the world. Are we not to be a light unto the nations? Herewith, the secrets of Jewish success are:

1. A strong sense of familial obligation, from Abraham down. Even Jewish atheists believe in the fifth commandment - and we honour our parents by bringing honour to their name.
2. The valuation of education as a means of social advancement (and scoring a bride). The Talmudic scholar, not the warrior, was long the source of communal pride.
3. Support from overbearing mothers with great expectations and zero tolerance for failure. (A corollary of 1. that deserves special mention.)
4. A religion that does not look down on worldly success in favour of some non-existent other world. Even the messianic era is something that must be worked towards, not patiently awaited.
5. A sense of "success is the best revenge" aimed at our historical persecutors. (Possibly originating in a vestigal "slave complex" from the Egyptian days.)
6. Higher average intelligence quotient. A result of interbreeding among a population disproportionately made up of traders and financiers who got by on their wits. (Only applicable to Ashkenazim, and average does not mean without exception.)

See also: Parsis.